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Types of Form Tooling

Universal mold bases – allow a single mold base to be used for many different products.

Mold bases for Brown, Lyle and Modern machines

Mold bases for Illig, Sencorp and Irwin machines

Molds designed to except existing tooling.

Mold bases designed for equal indexing – allows pre-trim and final trim in a single die

Tooling to fit existing mold bases

Trim in place form tooling

Types of Trim Tooling

Match metal trim with flat punches

Match metal trim with hollow punches

Match metal trim with pre-punch

Pre-trim die (separate from the final trim)

Steel rule trim tooling and trim surfaces

Steel rule die assemblies with floating dies

Tooling and

In-house Custom Thermoforming for

Food packaging

Map food packaging

Medical trays

Blister packaging

Clam shell packaging

Tri-fold packaging

Cups and bowls

Lids for cups and trays