We manufacture tools based on customer design specifications.

CNC Milling Machines

We are equipped with CNC vertical milling machines and CNC lathes with high precision.

Two milling machines with 60” x 30” travel. The guarding on these machines allows for the machining of plates up to 55” x 55” (requires 2 setups)

One milling machine with 40” x 20” travel. The guarding on this machine allows for the machining of plates up to 35” x 35” (requires 2 setups)

Two milling machines with 40” x 20” travel with a fourth axis for the precision rotation of molds during the machining process.

One milling machine with 36” x 18” travel. This machine is used for the machining of various types of plug assist materials.

High speed spindles are used to engrave molds at speeds of 50,000 RPM allowing higher feed rates and improved finishes.


CNC Lathe with 11” maximum turning diameter

CNC Lathe with 9” maximum turning diameter

Mannual Machines

2 Bridgeports

2 Surface Grinders

1 High Temperature Parts Washer

1 Sand Blaster

1 Bending Die